20 behaviours that accelerate aging

How you age is mostly up to your genetics, but there are also a number of factors that can influence how quickly it happens. Here are 20 behaviours that can actually accelerate the aging process, and how to avoid them.

Meal time trick to beat menopausal weight gain - 'makes a big difference!'

TRYING to kick menopausal weight gain can be a challenge for many women, but there's one method they could try that might be able to help shift the belly bulge.

First topic for Claire Byrne Live's replacement revealed as team of four fill Monday slot

RTÉ has announced a new panel discussion on Monday nights to replace the Claire Byrne Live programme. Claire announced her departure from the current affairs series this year, in order to prioritise her family. Each hour-long episode of the new Monday Night Live will be dedicated to a major issue impacting people’s lives right across […]

B12 deficiency: The sign when waking up in the morning - seen in almost 90% of cases

VITAMIN B12 underpins many important processes in the body. It's little wonder falling deficient in the vitamin causes a cascade of problems. One sign when waking up in the morning is seen in 86 percent of cases, research suggests.

How to live longer: The activity to do alongside exercise - shown to boost heart health

EXERCISE is one of the pillars of many guides on how to live for longer. Exercise boosts cardiovascular health by burning fat and strengthening the cardiovascular system. However, it isn't a silver bullet and there are things which can be done alongside exercise improve longevity.

Stroke: Older people should cut back on a popular food - 'Causes blockages' in arteries

THE RISK of most medical conditions increases as we get older. This is true for strokes, which are more likely to occur after the age of 55. This is partly because our arteries naturally become narrower and harder, as well as becoming clogged by fatty substances.

TV presenter Jo Wilson says cancer is the 'hardest thing to go through' - signs to spot

JO WILSON is a journalist, a presenter, a mum to two-year-old Mabel, and is currently fighting stage three cervical cancer.

Doing This in the Bathroom Can Spike Your Blood Pressure, Study Finds

Using mouthwash after you brush and floss might seem like a healthy habit, but research shows it may contribute to high blood pressure.

‘She was warm and gentle' Brits share their stories of meeting the Queen

QUEEN ELIZABETH II met with thousands of her royal subjects during her 70-year reign, and some of those people have recalled the time they met her.

The best type of exercise to 'strengthen the heart muscle' and 'prevent heart failure'

HEART failure is a condition where the heart is unable to pump blood around the body adequately, usually as a result of the heart weakening or becoming too stiff. Although a relatively common form of heart disease, heart failure is one of the least well known. A new study suggests physical activity could play a key role in reducing the risk of this common condition occurring.

High blood pressure: The hot drink linked to ‘dramatic' increases in BP lasting '3 hours'

HYPERTENSION is a pernicious condition that puts the heart under substantial pressure in the long run. It has many known triggers, including one drink shown to induce "dramatic" increases in blood pressure within an hour of intake.

Grandma loses almost 3st in just five months after 'feeling like a mess'

WEIGHT loss was something Erika Fidler felt she needed when she started to feel she could "hardly walk" without "struggling for breath". The grandmother-of-three decided to do something about her health and lost an impressive amount of weight. How did she do it?

This is the #1 Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

Chances are you have diabetes or know someone with the common condition. Read on to ensure your health and the health of others.

The popular drink that may increase your risk of cancer by almost 80% - it's not alcohol

CANCER is yet to be defeated but gains are being made on a number of fronts. Recent research suggests you can dramatically modify your risk of cancer by eschewing a popular drink - and it's not alcohol.

'My b***** memory's going' Michael Caine on the health effects that have ended his career

AWARD winning film Educating Rita, which is showing on BBC Two tonight (Tuesday, August 30) is actor Michael Caine at his best. But on the edge of turning 90, Caine has freely admitted himself that he is not the actor he once was, partly due to the deterioration of his memory.

Cancer: The sensation that ‘worsens' when you lay down could be an early sign

WHILE cancer represents a terrifying prospect, early detection of symptoms remains one of the best weapons in your arsenal. Fortunately, an expert shares the warning sensation that appears during stage one of oesophageal cancer.

Pigeon pea: Experts weigh in on health benefits, nutrition facts, and more

Perspective from Caroline Luiza C. Castro Benefits Pigeon pea is an important source of proteins. it's strongly recommended for vegans and vegetarians.Pigeon pea is effective against anemia. It occurs, because of its level of iron.Pigeon pea is effective to control blood sugar. It occurs because it's a good source of fiber and antioxidants Possible...

Kate Middleton's healthy diet could benefit from key change now she lives in Windsor

KATE MIDDLETON is known for her love of healthy food, and now she's moved to Windsor she'll have a host of new delicious foods on her doorstep.

New NHS immune cell jab could reduce kidney transplant failures

Chris Holmes (pictured), 31, a former Army paramedic who served in Afghanistan, is one of more than 150 patients worldwide taking part in the trial. He has had a kidney transplant.

Retired teacher told she had two months to live now cancer-free

Eliana Keeling, 65, from Chorlton, Greater Manchester, was shocked when a routine blood test revealed she had a rare blood cancer a week before Christmas in 2020.

5 Signs Your Heart is "Clogged With Plaque"

Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease that affects over 20 million U.S. adults.

James Martin lost 5st without going on a diet - and he still eats 'exactly the same' food

JAMES MARTIN revealed he lost an incredible five stone after changing one thing about his lifestyle - and it wasn't his love of food.

This is Normally the First Sign of "Deadly Cancer"

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you must be aware of the signs that could indicate that your cancer is untreatable.

Doria Ragland has 'natural charisma' - whereas Carole Middleton is more 'cautious & wary'

DORIA RAGLAND, the mother of Meghan Markle, is celebrating her 66th birthday today out in California where she lives a short drive from the Duchess of Sussex. What is her body language like as an extended relative of the Royal Family?

I'm a Pharmacist, and These Are the Medication Side Effects You Should Never Ignore

Concerned about medication side effects? Here are five red flags you should never ignore, according to a pharmacist.

Aksel Lund Svindal's toughest battle: 'I have cancer'

The Norwegian champion is very confident: "I went to the doctor right away, prevention is key."

Vitamin B12 deficiency: The smelly symptom that signals your nervous system is compromised

VITAMIN B12 powers the body in important ways, such as supporting the nervous system. Low B12 levels can therefore prove insidious. One telltale sign is smelly.

Clint Eastwood's health scare led him to 'stay away from carbohydrates... rich desserts'

CLINT EASTWOOD is still working in his 90s, with the acclaimed actor and filmmaker narrating a new wildlife documentary called Why On Earth. The star, however, may not have been alive right now if he didn't come close to a deadly condition.

Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia: "The worst possible, it's illogical."

The centaur from Piedmont commented on his 12th place in qualifying in Japan

Did Covid and the boredom of lockdowns wipe out our memories?

MOIRA PETTY: Brains 'clogged with cotton wool'. Forgetting colleagues' names. Fearing you've developed dementia. Just three of the distressing experiences described by Mail on Sunday readers.

Regular exercisers may still face health risks - what to avoid, according to study

EXERCISE is one of the main pillars of living a longer life alongside a balanced diet. However, exercise isn't a silver bullet and one study from 2016 suggested that even those who were regular ‘exercisers' still faced health risks.

This is What Cholesterol Does to Your Body

Cholesterol is a waxy substance in your blood that helps build healthy cells, but too much is also dangerous.

The 10 superfoods of 2022, they are the ones that help our health

Experts have identified the 10 superfoods of the year, foods that are delicious and rich in key nutrients for the body: here are what they are. The term superfood refers to those particular foods that, due to their remarkable nutrient content, have important properties for the body. They are many and belong mainly to the plant world, find out which ones they are by browsing through the gallery. These tips will be very useful for your health

Post-retirement depression: recognizing the signs

You’ve worked all your life with retirement always on the horizon ahead. However, when you finally reach it, it may not be what you expected. While research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies suggests that people do experience a boost in life satisfaction around their retirement, the same study notes that it often precedes a waning in happiness in the following years. In fact, the chances of a person facing clinical depression increase by a massive 40% after retirement, according to the London-based Institute of Economic Affairs. If you’re about to retire or have already done so, looking after your mental wellness is a top priority. That means recognizing the signs of depression early on and taking action. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the warning signs of this mental health condition as well as some of the ways you can manage it.

Cause of Prince Charles's 'sausage fingers' explained - and how to treat the condition

PRINCE CHARLES' fingers have long been of interest to the British public, with the searches for 'prince charles sausage fingers' often entered on Google. So why has Charles appeared to have swollen fingers during past outings, and what is the cause of the condition according to the NHS?

'Important for brain health': Blueberries may reverse cognitive decline - study

Cognitive decline is inevitable, but some studies suggest that certain fruits could mitigate it.

60-year-old 'feels alive' again after skin treatment but gives warning to youngsters

ONE WOMAN shared how a small facial 'tweakment' changed her life - but gave a warning to younger women.

Stars who lived more than a hundred years

Menopause weight loss: Snacks you shouldn't eat - ‘Impacts metabolism & fat distribution!'

MENOPAUSAL and looking to lose weight? An expert has suggested removing sugary snacks from your diet and trying intermittent fasting can also relieve symptoms.

Certain colour potatoes may ‘help to cause cancer cells to self-destruct' - study

Bowel cancer is one of the four most common cancers in the UK, a study from the United States suggested that a type of potato could help reduce someone's risk of the condition.

Diabetes symptoms: Experiencing the ‘4 Ts'? Contact your GP urges UK health body

DIABETES is affecting a greater number of people in the UK. As case numbers rise, more people will become aware and know of the signs and symptoms, including the 4 Ts.

High cholesterol: The breakfast ‘great' for lowering cholesterol - recommended by expert

There are two types of cholesterol, often referred to as "good" and "bad". Good cholesterol is high-density lipoprotein, which helps remove cholesterol from the body. While bad cholesterol - low-density lipoprotein - is what contributes to blockages. It is widely known that eating too much fatty food can raise your levels. However, there are also f...

20% of 66,000 people find this very Irish eye colour the most attractive

The subject of eye colour always features in pieces about beauty and attraction. If it was of no importance then why would we bother with eyeshadow and mascara? It's true that when we have children, parents are eager to see over the course of the first few months whether their blue eyes will take on […]

'Can be easily missed' Doctor's diabetes warning 'if you have any of these symptoms'

DIABETES currently affects over 4.9million people in the UK, but a doctor has warned that some of the most common symptoms are "easily missed". What signs and symptoms should you be aware of?

'Moved beyond words' Prince Charles speaks out after teen dies when she ate Pret sandwich

PRINCE CHARLES has been praised for his "game-changing" union with experts in an effort to eradicate allergies following a girl's death.

How to look younger: J.Lo avoids three major things for beautiful skin - no 'facial lines'

JENNIFER LOPEZ, more commonly known as J.Lo, has barely aged a day over her illustrious career. The star revealed how she does it.

20 things to know about prostate cancer

Symptoms of prostate cancer are often absent in the early stages, and when they do appear, they can be confused with signs of other diseases. Luckily, this cancer is frequently slow-growing, making survival rates quite high. Read on to learn about some of the signs of prostate cancer, along with how to diagnose and treat it.

Sure Signs You Have "The Most Serious Type of Skin Cancer," Say Physicians

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States and there are three major types. Read on to ensure your health.

Lisa Brady: New TikTok trend is not self care, it's misogynistic pressure on women to be better

There's a new TikTok trend that purports to be about self care, but really it's just more of the same old misogynistic pressure on women to be better. Called the 'five to nine' trend, it's encouraging people to do awful things like jump out of bed at 4.30am to excitedly load the dishwasher, or hit […]

Diabetes: 2 ‘simple' meal time rules to avoid a blood sugar spike - expert

THERE are around four million people living with diabetes in the UK. It is a serious condition that can have lifelong implications. While there are medications people can take, there are additional ways to help keep it under control.