Weight Loss


Diet plan behind Letitia Dean's rapid four-month weight loss - what she ate

EASTENDERS actress Letitia Dean lost an incredible amount of weight in just four months. But how did she do it?

This Is the No. 1 Diabetes Symptom People Ignore, Doctors Say

Fatigue—especially after eating—is the number one diabetes symptom people ignore, doctors say. Here's how to lower your risk.

Student who thought he was tired from lack of sleep gets devastating diagnosis

Tom Hunt was spending the summer before going off to university travelling Europe with friends when he suddenly fell ill.

Aldi shopper's staggering weight loss after switching to supermarket's diet

A MAN who went on a "six-month eating binge" looks unrecognisable after losing 18 stone - nearly half of his bodyweight - in a stunning transformation.

High cholesterol: The sign in your leg warning of extremely damaging levels - reduce risk

CHOLESTEROL is a fatty lipid substance which is present in blood. There are two types of cholesterol, and while one form is needed for overall health, the other can dramatically increase the risk of heart disease and associated ailments. While broadly symptomless, sometimes signs can show up.

Long Covid: The activity shown to make symptoms worse in 75 percent of cases - study

PEOPLE with Covid or long Covid may make their condition worse by returning to exercise too quickly. Different research has shown that exercising to the point of breathlessness can slow down your recovery.

I'm a Pharmacist and Never Recommend These Medicines

Prescription and OTC medications can help improve health issues and provide remedies for countless conditions, but not all of them work.

Sure Signs Your Circulatory System Isn't as Strong as it Should Be

Maintaining good circulation might not be at the top of the list of ways to stay healthy, but it should be.

One Little-Known Side Effect of Smoking Marijuana

Here are five little-known side effects of marijuana, according to medical experts. Read on to ensure your health.

Liver disease: The ‘early' symptom that shows up at night - 'see your GP'

ALTHOUGH liver conditions don't usually cause many warning signs until your liver has become "severely damaged", a health charity shares an "early" symptom that might trouble you during the night.

Working from home DOES damage your mental health

Hannah Hickinbotham, 25, from Cambridge, began her first job during Covid and suffered because of the isolation caused by working from home.

If You Spot This, You May Have Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers, but it doesn't have to be. Most cases can be prevented. Read on to ensure your health.

HEALTH NOTES: One in ten British men have never used sunscreen

Reasons cited included finding the application 'boring' and thinking that the sun was not strong enough to cause harm. Despite this, 80 per cent of those polled knew about the risk of skin cancer.

Eating This Type of Cereal for Breakfast Can Slash Diabetes Risk, Experts Say

Eating cereal made of millet grains can help slash diabetes risk, experts say. These are the benefits you need to know about.

4 Ways to Get the Most From Your Multivitamin, According to an Expert

Supplements can be a good way to fill nutritional gaps in your diet. Here's how to ensure you get the most from your multivitamin.

Sure Signs You Have Kidney Damage

Kidney health is vital to your well-being because functioning kidneys help filter out toxins and restore vitamins to your bloodstream.

Sleep expert shares 6 ways to keep cool at night - without turning your fan on

LOOKING for ways to keep cool during the hot nights without turning on your fan? Here are six ways to do so.

Proven Ways to Reverse Diabetes, Say Experts

If you’re living with type 2 diabetes, there is hope: While the disease cannot be “cured”, it can be put into remission.

Sure Signs There is a Blood Clot Inside You

A blood clot can stop the bleeding when accidents happen, but a blood clot can also be a dangerous health concern that can turn deadly.

Sure Signs You Are Seconds Away From a Heart Attack, Say Doctors

A heart attack might come on suddenly and strike without warning, but usually there are signals your body gives beforehand.

How to live longer: Ward off diabetes, dementia, and cancer - here's how

DIABETES, dementia, and cancer are respectively dangerous, deadly, and pernicious in their own rights. All three bring about their own set of issues to the body and all three, even diabetes in certain circumstances, can be fatal. While all troublesome, there is a way one can reduce the risk of developing all three.

'Decision taken by people who don't understand' Holmes hits out at BBC axing 5Live results

EAMONN HOLMES slammed the BBC's decision to axe 5 Live football results from its schedule listings after nearly 75 years.

Crohn's disease patient, 26, dies after being 'tackled badly' while playing football

CROHN'S disease patient Connor Horton's condition began as he was "tackled quite badly" at school while playing football, his family said after the 26-year-old's death.

Kim Kardashian 'has had up to £140,000 in plastic surgery', cosmetic surgeon claims

Kim Kardashian has always denied getting any plastic surgery and even had an x-ray done on her bum to prove it wasn't fake

‘Essential ingredient' you need to consume daily to lose weight - ‘speeds up metabolism'

LOOKING to lose weight healthily and sustainably? Consider changing your approach to eating protein.

Princess Anne stays slim by eating foods that 'digest easier' - but not afraid to snack

PRINCESS ANNE is one of the busiest members of the Royal Family, despite being 71. The royal is fit and active thanks to a balanced diet and an exercise regime. These help her to stay slim too - how has she maintained her fantastic figure over the years?

B12 deficiency: The 4 uncomfortable signs on your tongue you could be low on B12

IT CAN sometimes be difficult to know when you are deficient in a vitamin and take years for obvious symptoms to appear. If not dealt with, this can then lead to more serious health issues. That's why it's important to recognise as many of the potential signs as possible.

Doing This Right After Eating Can Slash Diabetes Risk, New Study Says

Walking for just two minutes after eating can slash your diabetes risk and improve your heart health, a new study says.

New £800-a-dose jab offers hope for diabetics with macular oedema

Brolucizumab treats fluid build-up in the eyes - called diabetic macular oedema - that can lead to blurred vision and, eventually, loss of sight.

I Had a Painful Reaction After Eating a Peach—Here's How It Could Happen to You

Phytophotodermatitis is a skin reaction from the combination of the sun's rays and certain fruits, like the peach I recently ate.

Type 2 diabetes: One simple act could reduce high blood sugar - symptoms

DIABETES occurs when the body develops problems managing its blood glucose levels using insulin. A condition requiring careful management, type two diabetes is becoming increasingly common in the UK. However, one simple action after dinner could reduce one's risk of the condition.

Our relationship with food is broken – here's how to fix it

When it comes to attitudes towards food, these are incredibly polarised times. Britain has been engulfed by a childhood obesity crisis, with one in four 10- and 11-year-olds officially obese. However, recent research suggests that attempts to lose weight among all children – even those of a healthy weight – are now outpacing rising weight gain leve...

Mum-of-four who thought she was going through menopause given four weeks to live

Sonia Scott, 48, from Bracknell, Berkshire, was diagnosed with a grade four glioblastoma after suffering from a seizure in August 2021

Eyesight: The vitamin deficiency that's the 'leading cause of preventable blindness'

EYESIGHT is a precious commodity, much like the other four senses. Although vision loss is a corollary of ageing, you can hasten it. In fact, a common vitamin deficiency is the "leading cause of blindness" - are you at risk?

Menopause weight loss: Shed 20lb by switching diet methods- 'pounds started coming off'

THE MENOPAUSE can be a hard time for women due to all the challenging symptoms they may experience. But there's one diet a doctor swears by and helped her lose 20lb herself when she was stuck shifting the weight due to the midlife change.

Irish people warned over 'potentially fatal' disease brought on after Sunday night's heavy rain and thunderstorms

While the change in weather is disappointing for sun-seekers, it could also bring about a rise in cases of Leptospirosis or Weil's Disease, according to one expert.

Scientists hope Covid vaccine could provide an MS breakthrough

Earlier this year a landmark study found that MS which affects more than 130,000 Britons and can lead to poor mobility, numbness, fatigue and paralysis, is triggered by the Epstein-Barr virus.

Viral video testing your hearing age is terrifying internet users - how old are your ears?

A HEARING test is going viral on TikTok, where internet users are worried about their hearing age. The test asks users of the app to listen to a sound and analyse their "hearing age".

Julia Bradbury on the 'healthiest' oil which helps 'fight cancer and heart disease'

HAVING had details of her private health laid bare for nearly a year since her breast cancer diagnosis back in September 2021, presenter Julia Bradbury has revealed her healthy new approach to life since battling the most common type of cancer in the UK. The star also uses her social media pages to pass on healthy tips and tricks to help her followers lower their risk of cancer.

Cholesterol symptoms: The sign on your face that could indicate high cholesterol - expert

CHOLESTEROL can be dangerous if your levels get too high - are there any signs that could indicate high cholesterol?

7 Medieval Medical Procedures That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

In the Dark Ages, doctors did things differently. (For one thing, many were barbers.) These medieval medical procedures will shock you.

5 Worst Mistakes For Your Blood Sugar

It can be very difficult for someone with diabetes to maintain a stable blood sugar level. Read on to ensure your health.

Heat stroke symptoms - including the extra sign to look out for in children

THE UK is currently making its way through the latest phase of a heatwave which has seen supplies of water dwindle and parks turned to urban dust filled plains. In amidst all this, families are heading out into the sun to enjoy one of the hottest summers on record. With all this heat though, it's not just the ground that can start to boil over.

Never Take This Medication at Night, Say Doctors

Some drugs help people sleep better. However, many medications can cause insomnia, making it hard to fall or stay asleep.

New drug offers hope for late-stage Hodgkin lymphoma patients

A recent trial has proved that brentuximab vedotin offers patients with advanced Hodgkin lymphoma a more effective option than chemotherapy.

William Shatner shares the exercise routine that 'gets him out of bed' at age 91

WILLIAM SHATNER'S biggest piece of advice for living a healthy lifestyle and reaching your 90s is to "keep active" and in a recent interview, the Canadian actor revealed exactly what form of exercise he does and how he still copes at age 91.

This Supplement You're Taking for Your Bones Doesn't Work, New Study Reveals

If you take vitamin D supplements to protect your bones, researchers say it may be time to stop—even if you have a deficiency. Here's why.

How long do you day nap for? You could be increasing your risk of heart disease by 82%

NAPPING isn't an unusual activity, the act of catching forty-winks during an afternoon is commonplace in countries around the world. However, while napping can provide rest bite from a long day's activities, there is growing evidence suggesting it could do more harm than good.

Diabetes: The cheese to ‘significantly' reduce blood sugar without increasing cholesterol

CHEESE is among the most popular full-fat dairy products, but there has been overwhelming evidence that such foods hamper cardiovascular health. According to new findings, one particular type of cheese may promote bone health and reduce blood sugar levels significantly, while leaving cholesterol levels intact.

Supplements That are "Not Worth It," Says Pharmacist

Millions of Americans take a dietary supplement daily to improve overall health but do they really work? Read on to ensure your health.